First Aid Kit Tactical Survival Pouch IFAK
First Aid Kit Tactical Survival Pouch IFAK

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First Aid Kit Tactical Survival Pouch IFAK

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First Aid Kit Tactical Survival Pouch IFAK: A Must-Have for Adventurers and Professionals.

What Does Your IFAK Survival Kit Contain?

Are you an adventurer, a healthcare professional, or someone who simply wants to be prepared to handle any emergency situation? Then you need our IFAK Tactical First Aid Survival Kit.

Designed with high-quality medical components and user-friendly features, this kit is the ideal choice for individuals seeking to prepare for the unexpected.

Imagine being on a hike or a tactical mission and a medical emergency arises. The situation requires quick and effective intervention. You don't have time to waste searching for medical tools or figuring out how they work. You need everything at your fingertips, organized, and ready to use.

That's exactly what our IFAK Tactical Pouch provides.

Our kit is equipped with a MOLLE tactical pack, allowing you to easily attach it to your backpack or belt.

The components are meticulously selected for their quality and utility in emergency situations:

  • Tourniquet for controlling severe hemorrhages
  • TCCC card for quick guidance on trauma care
  • 4-inch Israeli bandage to cover and protect wounds
  • Emergency blanket to maintain body temperature
  • Non-woven triangular gauze towel for limb immobilization
  • Medical tape x 2 and elastic bandage (95% cotton, 5% Spandex) for various uses
  • Survival whistle to signal your location
  • 5cm x 5cm gauze layers and 5 waterproof dressings for wound cleaning and protection
  • CPR mask
  • Emergency splint for immobilizing fractures
  • Pure nitrile gloves for hygienic protection
  • Gauze scissors and cotton swab for various medical care
  • First aid guide for step-by-step instructions
  • 7.5cm x 4.5M PBT (self-adhesive elastic bandage) for wound dressing

We offer this kit in different colors: Camouflage IFAK-1, Green IFAK-4, and Black IFAK-5, to match your gear and specific needs.

Don't let an emergency catch you off guard. Being prepared is being one step ahead when the need arises.

Make the wise choice today by investing in our IFAK Tactical First Aid Survival Kit.